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DeskRiser 32X Standing Desk
DeskRiser 32X Standing Desk
DeskRiser 32X Specs
DeskRiser 32X Standing Desk
DeskRiser 32X Standing Desk
DeskRiser 32X Standing Desk
DeskRiser 32X Standing Desk
DeskRiser 32X Standing Desk
DeskRiser 32X Dimensions

DeskRiser 32X Standing Desk


32 inch
32 inch
37 inch

The DeskRiser 32X is a heavy duty height adjustable standing desk that is suitable for any office. Have you heard the phrase “Sitting is the New Smoking?” This multifunctional adjustable height stand up desk promotes better posture, reduced back and neck pain, a thinner waist line and increased productivity. Achieve long lasting health benefits like burning more daily calories, boosted productivity, improved posture and a reduced risk of heart problems. Adjust the height easily using levers on each side of the computer desk. Supports up to 35 lbs. Ergonomic design that adjusts to most users’ heights.

Don’t worry about this adjustable desk wobbling like some competitor products. This is heavy duty and supports up to 35 lbs of weight.

It uses two simple, easy to use hand levers to adjust up and down. Keyboard tray slides in and out allowing you to maintain an ergonomic position whether sitting or standing.

Don’t be a slouch, get off your couch and take a stand against sitting with The DeskRiser 32X.

Features & Specs
  • Sits on Top of Your Desk or Table and Adjusts from Sitting Height to Standing, from 4.2-inch to 19.7-inch High.
  • 31.5-inch Wide X 24-inch Deep. Can Fit Two (2) 24-inch Monitors.
  • Fixed keyboard tray rises up with the desk as you adjust height.  Can Fit a Standard Sized Keyboard and Mouse.
  • Very Easy to Adjust Heights up and Down. Uses 2 Simple Hand Levers (One on Each Side). Just Squeeze and Lift.
  • Ships Nearly Fully Assembled: Just attach the keyboard with 4 screwed (included) and you’re all set to go!
Product Video
Check out the DeskRiser 32X video
    • Q: How high is the keyboard at its maximum height? I’m a tall person (6’1″) and am concerned about my arm position.
      A: It works best for people 5ft to 6ft 4in when sitting on a 29in high desk. It is one of our tallest standing desks.
    • Q: When the unit is lifted up does it lift straight up and down or does it come out and out at you?
      A: The 32X rises straight up and down when you lift and lower it.
    • Q: Is the distance between the keyboard tray and desktop / monitor platform adjustable?
      A: No, the distance is fixed between the keyboard tray and the desktop.
    • Q: Does the keyboard tray slide in and out?
      A: No, the keyboard tray is fixed and it does not slide in and out.
    • Q: I’m concerned about weight distribution by having a 27″ iMac and a 20″ Apple monitor. Should I be concerned?
      A: The DeskRiser 32X is rated and tested to support up to 35 lbs.  Be sure to weigh the monitors / computers prior to putting it on the desktop converter and make sure to distribute the weight evenly on the desktop to prevent anything from toppling over.
    • Q: Does this require any assembly?
      A: Yes, there is very minimal assembly: just pull the desk out of the box and use the 4 included screws to attach the keyboard tray to the desk if you choose to use the keyboard tray.  It takes approximately 1-2 minutes.


The DeskRiser 32X