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DeskRiser standing desk holds dual monitors
DeskRiser standing desk holds dual monitors
DeskRiser standing desk in its middle position
DeskRiser standing desk in its lowest position



32 inch
32 inch
37 inch

The DeskRiser Classic

The Original DeskRiser is a heavy duty height adjustable standing desk that sits on top of your existing desk and promotes better posture, reduced back and neck pain, a thinner waist line and increased productivity.


Dual Gas Spring Technology

Our unique industrial strength hydraulic pistons assist in moving from sitting to standing effortlessly. With a simple squeeze of the handles your DeskRiser Classic will lift and lower with a breeze.

Large Work Surface

There’s nothing worse than feeling cramped while working. The DeskRiser Classic features a 32″W x 20.5″D work surface, large enough to fit two x 24″ monitors, notepads, and pens.

Dual Hand Levers

The DeskRiser Classic’s innovative dual squeezable hand levers supported with industrial strength hydraulic pistons allow you to move from sitting to standing in seconds.  No unnecessary straining as you move from sit to stand during the day.

Save Your Back

The DeskRiser Classic helps you get off your butt and into an upright posture throughout the day. Many of our back problems are caused by sitting too much and using a desk riser throughout the day can help alleviate those problems.

Heavy Duty and Durable

The DeskRiser Classic has been tested in our labs to support up to a whopping 80 lbs. While recommended for use up to 35 lbs mainly to prevent back straining, just know that your DeskRiser has your back.

Product Video
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  • Q: How high is the keyboard at its maximum height? I’m a tall person (6’1″) and am concerned about my arm position.
    A: It works best for people 5ft to 6ft 3in when sitting on a 29in high desk. For taller people consider a taller desk underneath or try out any of our Taller Standing Desks.
  • Q: When the unit is lowered all the way, does it actually take up more space than 20.5 inches listed for depth?
    A: Yes, the desk swings forward a few inches as it is lifted up. The total footprint is approximately 24 to 25in from the front to the back. The desktop hangs over the back of the support bars when it is lowered and it hangs slightly over the front of the support bars when it is raised.
  • Q: Is the distance between the keyboard tray and desktop / monitor platform adjustable?
    A: No, the distance is fixed between the keyboard tray and the desktop. The keyboard tray slides in and out but not up and down.
  • Q: I am making entries from bank statements etc. Is there room on the riser to set paperwork on it?
    A: Yes, an 8.5 x 11 fits, depending of course on your setup. If you have a dual monitor setup with the monitor bases at each corner of the desktop then you should have plenty of space to fit a notebook or paperwork on it.
  • Q: I’m concerned about weight distribution by having a 27″ iMac and a 20″ Apple monitor. Should I be concerned?
    A: The DeskRiser is rated and tested to support up to 50 lbs but the recommended total weight is about 35 lbs if you will be keeping heavier objects on it for an extended period of time. Just be sure to distribute the weight evenly to prevent anything from toppling over.
  • Q: Does this require any assembly?
    A: There is no assembly required. Just pull it out the box and you’re ready to go! We do advise testing it out a few times first before putting anything on it. Just lift and lower it a few times to get a hang of it.
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