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Ergo DeskMat



Stand in Comfort.   Stimulate Your Feet & Your Mind.

The Ergo DeskMat is a durable 100% PU construction anti-fatigue standing desk mat that features raised corners and a movable ball that allows you to work your toes and keep your core active while standing at your adjustable height desk riser.  This ergonomic deskmat promotes movement and comfort: it helps support your back, hips, knees and feet while standing at your desk.

Utilize the raised edge with mini-massage balls to keep your feet comfortable and stretched out.  Test out your balance and agility with the yellow ball by moving it around on the mat without kicking it away.  For the ultimate multi-tacker, this unique ergonomic mat helps you remain mentally focused on your tasks at hand while also stimulating your brain and body with its movable ball.

Dimensions are 25in W x 19in D x 2.5in H.

Features & Specs

  • Durable 100% PU construction with a 1 year warranty.
  • Raised corners and movable ball allow you to keep your body and brain energized and focused while working at tasks on hand.
  • Promotes movement and agility while standing or sitting at your height adjustable standing desk.
  • Comes in a neutral black finish.
  • Dimensions are 25in Wide x 19in Deep x 2.5in High.
  • Raised sections and mini massage balls allow you to stretch and massage your feet and legs.
  • SKU: HOT-1049



  • Q: Does it come with the yellow ball?
    A: Yes, the yellow ball is included with the Ergo DeskMat.


  • Q: Is it recommended to be used with shoes or without shoes?
    A: For the full benefit and comfort of the Ergo DeskMat, we recommend taking your shoes off; however, you can use it with shoes on as well.  We recommend not standing on the Ergo DeskMat with high heeled shoes as they might puncture holes in the mat.