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Standing Desk Balance Board



The Standing desk balance Board is a beautiful hand made board that allows you to stand for longer periods at your desk and provides slight movement throughout the day. Studies have shown that movement leads to improved focus and concentration at work. By activating foot joints, your knees, and hips, it fosters movement throughout the day when you normally would be seated at your desk.

The Balance Board is a great tool for students as well. Many schools are starting to use standing desks in the class room and the Balance Board is especially good for kids with sensory issues and for kids with ADD / ADHD. Not only does it give fidgeting an outlet, but it also promotes movement and activity at the same time.

Features & Specs
  • Dimensions: 20in W x 14in D x 2.4in Thick
  • Hand made bentwood frame, rubbing padding
  • Max load capacity: 300 lbs.
  • SKU: HOT-1043
  • Ships Fully Assembled
  • Q: Is the Balance Board sturdy?
    A: Yes is extremely sturdy. It is suitable for anyone up to 300 lbs and it is made of 2-inch thick bentwood.
  • Q: Does this rock a lot?
    A: The Balance Board is built to allow slight movement throughout the day. You won’t rock violently from one side to the other. Rather, it adds slight movement throughout the day to help stretch your ankles, legs, and hips while also strengthening your core and lower back.
  • Q: Does this work for kids?
    A: Yes! It is one of the best ADD / ADHD products on the market as it helps promote movement and enhances focus with simple movements to the left and right.